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What is LXNY?

LXNY General Meeting
Tuesday 2 February 1999

LXNY will have a general meeting Tuesday 2 February 1999.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

The meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

The meeting is at the IBM building at 57th Street and Madison Avenue on the Island of Manhattan.

LXNY will meet regularly
the first Tuesday of each month at IBM throughout 1999.
LXNY and its supporters thank IBM for the donation of this meeting space.
LXNY also thanks those who,
inside and outside of IBM,
worked in favor of this gift.

The Schools and Libraries Project is today bringing free OSes and other free software into New York City schools and libraries. A brief report on the Project will be made. The Project stands in need of sysadmins, teachers of *n*x, and volunteers who do not yet know *n*x.

The Hardware Initiative will be discussed.

Refund Day will be discussed. After the meeting there will be an informal gathering of people who want to take part in Refund Day, which is 15 February 1999. Those who have pledged to buy tickets and those who wish to pledge to buy tickets for the Refund Day Raffle are invited to come to this gathering.

We'd like to have as many laptops running a free OS as possible at the meeting, since there may be people at the meeting who have never consciously seen a free OS in action.

LXNY is officially invited to hear
George Sadowsky
Director of New York University's
Academic Computing Facility
speak at the next ISOC-NY General Meeting
11 January 1999
in the Loeb Student Center
just south of Washington Square Park
on the Island of Manhattan.

LXNY is officially invited to hear
Dave Shields

of IBM's Jikes Java Compiler Project
speak at the next C++/Java SIG General Meeting
7 January 1999
in the IBM building at 57th Street and Madison Avenue
on the Island of Manhattan.

Install Fest and Rally for theBazaar
Wednesday, 16 December 1998

Free Oses in Business, Research, and the Arts:
A Panel
Monday, 23 November 1998

Pat Beirne, Chief Engineer of Corel Computer, to address LXNY
Wednesday, 18 November 1998

Anynix (Unix & Linux) SIG of NYACC meeting 17 November 1998

There will be no LXNY meeting the week starting Monday 9 November 1998.
But here are three meetings that LXNY members may want to attend.

LXNY Schools Project and General Help meeting 28 October 1998

LXNY invited to Monday 12 October 1998 meeting of the New York Chapter of the Internet Society.

LXNY was at Fall Internet World NYC 1998.

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LXNY's presence on the Web is sponsored by Panix, the popular, venerable, and dependable New York Internet Service Provider.