LXNY is officially invited to hear
Dave Shields
of IBM's Jikes Java Compiler Project
speak at the next C++/Java SIG General Meeting
7 January 1999
in the IBM building at 57th Street and Madison Avenue
on the Island of Manhattan.

All LXNY members, free software partisans, compiler aficionados, and students of history and economics are invited to attend Dave Shields' talk at the next C++ and Java SIG's regular monthly general meeting.

The following is a quote from the C++/Java SIG notice.

~~~ Monthly General Meeting: Thurs, January 7, 1999 ~~~
at 6:30 - 9:00 pm
IBM Building, 590 Madison Ave. at 59th street

Dave Shields of IBM's alphaworks
will speak on J I K E S !

Dave will provide an overview of Jikes, IBM's Open Source Java compiler. He'll provide a brief history, an overview of Jikes Open Source release, why IBM did it, how they plan to operate, what they hope to accomplish.

C++ technical stuff -- our use of C++, built from "ground up", use of templates, perhaps anecdotes about compiling it.
Java technical stuff -- issues of compiling inner classes, Jikes "complete program representation", etc.
"Jikes in 10 Days" project -- this is a possible project to put together some documentation on compiler structure and innards directed at compiler professionals.


Jikes is a Java compiler that, unlike other compilers, accepts the Java language only as specified: not as a subset, variant, or superset.

In addition to strictly adhering to specifications, Jikes is faster than most compilers and can compute the complete dependency relations in program files. This allows for the generation of dependency makefiles suitable for use with make and for efficient incremental compilation.

About the speaker:

David Shields received his B.S. in Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from New York University. He was on the research staff at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, where he worked on programming languages and compilers, including the LITTLE, SETL and Ada/Ed projects. He also wrote SPITBOL/6000 and (with Robert Dewar) PC SPITBOL.

Since joining IBM in 1987, Shields has worked on automatic parallelization, including the PTRAN project, and IBM's FORTRAN 90 compiler with High Performance FORTRAN support for SP2 machines. Dave has worked for the last three years with Philippe Charles on the Jikes compiler.