Free Oses in Business, Research, and the Arts:
A Panel
Monday, 23 November 1998

What: Special panel meeting of LXNY.

Date: Monday, 23 November 1998
Time: 6:00 pm

Location: The New York Information Technology Center, a.k.a. NYITC
55 Broad Street at the northeast corner of Beaver and Broad Street,
on the Island of Manhattan,
4th floor, room 3.

Directions and a map are available on the Web site:

Please tell the receptionist that you are attending the LXNY meeting.

Hardware: Digital. Analog.
Software: Free.

On the Panel:

Clay Shirky is Professor of New Media at Hunter College, City University of New York.

Clay Shirky thinks about the Internet. He has been doing this in one form or another since 1993. His most recent article is on the failure of Moore's Law, and this month he has started in hacking httpd server farms.

Stephen Adler is a physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratories.

Stephen Adler uses free software in the work of the labs.
He is an effective advocate of free software.
We shall hear from him of important, but little publicized, successes of free software in that Faustian enterprise called "physics".

Chris Masto and Jordan Coleman are free lances, specializing in the analysis and manipulation of cheese markets and emergency library dessicants.

In their copious free time, on the side, they run NetMonger Communications,
a New York City and Long Island Internet Service Provider.
NetMonger's system is built of free software. The os is FreeBSD. The scripting language of choice is Perl.
Guile and several other Schemes are available to shell users.

Peter Pezaris is co-founder and Head Technical Officer of Daedalus World Wide, which has a long blurb:

Daedalus World Wide is a developer of high performance, scalable, easy to use Web-based applications. Our leading product,, has been managing fantasy sports leagues and games since September 1996. Clients include SportsLine USA, a leading Internet-based sports media company, and The Shooting Gallery, the producer of films including Academy Award winning SlingBlade.

Our primary production network consists of one of the largest Linux installations on the Internet with 45 machines running Apache and mod_perl, serving in excess of 2 million pages of personalized content per day.

Joshua S. Freeman is the Internet Program Manager at ScanSoft.
He is responsible for all hardware/software/design/architecture/feature and content aspects of ScanSoft's Intranet and Internet websites.

He has just been given the go-ahead to build a large web site for ScanSoft using free software.

ScanSoft blurb:
ScanSoft, inc., formerly known as Xerox Imaging Systems is a wholly owned Xerox subsidiary that writes and sells award winning OCR and Document Management Software. Our two main products are: Textbridge Pro 98 and Pagis 2.0 (OCR and Document Management respectively).

Xerox is, of course, the computer company whose software the free software movement would prefer to beat.

Laura Trippi is WebMistress of Carnegie Hall.
Chris Newhard is Sysadmin of Carnegie Hall.

Carnegie Hall's system is built on a solid free software foundation.

LXNY thanks our sponsor
The New York Information Technology Center
55 Broad Street

for this event space.

55 Broad Street is a totally wired building ideal for distance learning, satellite broadcasts, or commercial events.