LXNY Schools Project and General Help meeting 28 October 1998

What: LXNY meeting
Date: Wednesday, 28 October 1998
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Training Solutions Incorporated
450 West 41st Street
between Ninth and Tenth Avenues on the Island of Manhattan.
Training Solutions Incorporated is in a building known variously as "Hunter College MFA" and "the Blue Building".
If you are confused at the entrance ask the guard at the front desk where LXNY is meeting.
Hardware: Laptops, please.
Software: Stuff to do with the MBR and partition table.

LXNY volunteers and allies now have a somewhat clearer picture of what needs to be done to bring free oses into New York City Public Schools. Reports on the Schools Project will be presented at this meeting.

If you wish to bring free software to any school this is a good meeting to come to. Every week LXNY members and allies are in several New York City Public Schools helping with the transition from proprietary source secret systems to free systems. The Schools Project will continue until the job is done. If you cannot make this meeting but can do some work in the schools please send an email to secretary@lxny.org. Please include the string "West Side Story" in the subject line.

By request, the use of a free os as a rescue system will be demonstrated. cfdisk will likely play a role.

If you need some help with X on a laptop you may get it at this meeting.