LXNY General Meeting
September __ 2001

LXNY General Meeting

Tuesday 2 Jan 2001
6:30-8:45 pm
at the IBM building
590 Madison Avenue at East 57th Street
on the Island of Manhattan

Open Meeting

These meetings are free and open to the public.

Thanks to support of the IBM Corporation, the meetings are at their building at 590 Madison Avenue at E. 57th St. on the Island of Manhattan.

LXNY will continue to meet regularly
on the first Tuesday of each month at IBM until at least December 2001.

Tue 5 Dec 2000 LXNY
LXNY General Meeting
Speaker: Robert B. K. Dewar
Professor of Computer Science, prolific writer, phenomenal programmer, free software entrepreneur, and advocate spoke on
Topic: Ada Core Technologies, a free software business

Speaker Bio: Dr. Dewar is a Professor of Computer Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of New York University. faculty bio
He is a frequent contributor of thoughtful work on Usenet, especially in the computer language areas.
He is co-author of two books, including the SETL book.
He was a columnist for Open Systems Today (the big Unix newspaper).
He has written high-quality compilers in a few weeks!
He is the author of the renowned SPITBOL (SNOBOL) compiler;
a real-time OS for Honeywell;
a back-end and run-time library for the Realia COBOL IBM PC compiler
and he is one of the top authorities on the Ada programming language,
a principal author (with Professor Edmond Schonberg) of GNAT, the GNU Ada Compiler
and one of the founders and owners of Ada Core Technologies.
He is also a gifted speaker, gives public talks about computers and about freedom, and has assisted LXNY.

Ada Core Technologies, founded in 1994, is a multi-million dollar multi-national company that provides support services for GNU General Public Licensed products -- GNAT, the GNU Ada95 compiler, and its development environment (in GNOME Gtk+). GNAT uses gcc and can even produce Java byte-code runnable on JVMs. Dr. Dewar is CEO of ACT.

Linux Journal #80 December 2000 issue. InDepth column: "Elegance of Java and the Efficiency of C++ -- It's Ada!" by Frode Teenebo/ . An article on Ada including coverage of the GNAT compiler.

Wed 13 Dec 2000 Beg
LXNY GNU/Linux/Free OS Beginners Group
Time: 6:30pm Q&A 7:00 presentation
Speaker: Wendell Anderson
Topic: Recent GNU/Linux distributions Place: CALC Canterbury 780 Third Ave. Room C-1, 48th/49th Street, Manhattan

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Wed 8 Nov 2000 Beg