LXNY General Meeting:

Boas Betzler
of IBM GNU/Linux Technology Center
on GNU/Linux and S/390

Tuesday 5 September 2000

LXNY will have a general meeting Tuesday 5 September 2000.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

In particular, all members of FBUNY, NYLUG, LUNY!, AnyNIX, the Brooklyn Bunch, the Upstate Alliance, and all other Free Software Groups are welcome!

The meeting starts at 6:30 pm and runs until 9:00 pm.
Enter the IBM building, 590 Madison Avenue, on the corner of 57th Street and Madison Avenue and ask at the front desk for the room number.

At exactly 9:00 pm many members will repair to our traditional place of refreshment.

Boas Betzler, technical head of the IBM GNU/Linux Technology Center, will speak on GNU/Linux and the IBM S/390 mainframe.

In 1964 IBM announced a new product line.

Quote from
IBM announced System/360, a family of six mutually compatible computers and 40 peripherals that could work together. The initial investment of $5 billion was quickly returned as orders for the system climbed to 1,000 per month within two years. At the time IBM released the System/360, the company was making a transition from discrete transistors to integrated circuits, and its major source of revenue moved from punched-card equipment to electronic computer systems.

Mankind laid hold of computers, as we know them today, in the Sixties. In 1962 at least one person at MIT played Spacewar. That year, or perhaps the next, ARPA began its subtle decades long campaign of providing precisely those funds, small, but critical, that would otherwise not have been forthcoming, for something already called "the net". 1964 saw the birth of the Semi-Automated Business Research Environment, American Airline's distributed network for flight reservations, and also the deployment of BASIC at Dartmouth. In the middle Sixties many banks and some brokerages began the migration to electronic digital accounting systems. MULTICS, a system aimed at providing universal accessible communication and computation services, began in 1965.