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What is LXNY?

LXNY Install Fest
none scheduled at present

The best way to find out about our next meeting is to get on our announcement mailing list. LXNY meets at irregular and infrequent times.

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Noteworthy events.

DebConf10 - Debian developer conference - New York City, USA
DebCamp July 25-31
DebConf August 1-7, 2010
Columbia University in the City of New York

Sunday, 1 August is Debian Day with events aimed to include outsiders

Debconf10 Speakers include:
Benjamin "Mako" Hill, Bradley M. Kuhn, Eben Moglen,
David Alexander Sugar, John Sullivan, Lars Wirzenius

Go to their website to register [software compatibility problems].

NYCBSDCon [cookies]
Weekend of November 12-14, 2010
Cooper Union in Manhattan, N.Y.

What is The Free Software Foundation?
"GNU Philosophy"

Events / Install Fests

LXNY Schools, Libraries and Not-for-Profit Organizations Page

Microsoft Refund Day

(This is an independent, not-sponsored-by LXNY activity.)

Coming Someday -- A Guide for editors, reporters and others
LXNY News Guide

The danger of software patents

has been discussed at several LXNY meetings. The Graphics Interchange Format has been a featured example. Friday, 5 November 1999, Burn All GIFs Day, launched a wave to sweep away GIFs. Burn All GIFs website, including the USA DoD announcement banning most GIFs!
Free alternatives include JPEG and PNG Portable Network Graphics home (mirror)
League for Programming Freedom (LPF) GIF page

Hardware Initiative

Watch this space for more information about
the Hardware Initiative
the Call for Complete Unbundling.

LXNY writings section
LXNY Writings

Here are some old announcements of LXNY.

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What is Free Software?
GNU GIF position

LXNY's presence on the Web is sponsored by Panix, aka Public Access Networks Corporation, the popular, venerable, and dependable New York Internet Service Provider. Panix also sponsors VTW and SEA. Panix offers a PNG Panix image [5000bytes]

Be it noted that LXNY's leadership and membership are duly grateful to our sponsors.

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