LXNY Meeting

Monday, December 10, 2001

Date: Monday 10 December
Speaker: none
Topic: LinuxWorld Expo, Microsoft Refund, Microsoft Settlements, Dmitry Sklyarov
Location: Killarney Rose, 82 Beaver Street, near Wall St. and Pearl St.
second floor, staircase at rear
on the Island of Manhattan

Directions: IRT 1/2 train to Wall St. Station, exit front of downtown train, down William St., left on Beaver St. or A/C/E J/M/Z 4/5 1/2 to Fulton St (aka Broadway/Nassau). Or walk from Ferry. Or heliport.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

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7 Aug 2001 LXNY

The speaker's self-description:

"Jesse Erlbaum is the Chief Technology Officer for the Vanguard Media Corporation (http://www.vm.com/), located in New York City, where he has worked since 1994. Vanguard Media, founded in 1989, builds custom software for its clients on a contract basis. The firm has developed custom software for a variety of clients including the WPP Group, Time Inc., and the Asia Society. Vanguard Media's work ranges from developing internal business intranets and applications to public consumer websites.

Jesse has been a fervent supporter of all things open-source for many years. In addition to his work at Vanguard Media, Jesse is a programmer and registered author on CPAN (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network). His Perl module, CGI::Application, was recently featured in an article on Perl.com . article "

Jesse was a panelist on Jay Sulzberger's panel at the NYSIA "Software Summit" in January 1999 - alongside Richard M. Stallman and others.

The speaker supplied this description of his talk:

"Description: Jesse will discuss and answer questions about basic techniques, both technical and managerial, which can be employed to make interactive web application development less risky and more fun. He will discuss how Vanguard Media uses a combination of technology (Linux, Apache, Perl, MySQL), management techniques (two-phase funding, specifications) and management enabling technology (CVS, advanced development environments, HTML::Template, CGI::Application) to successfully build custom software on time and on budget. Questions are encouraged, from specific technical details to account management strategies."

Sun 5 Aug 2001 NYLUG+
InstallFest and Key Signing
VA Linux will be hosting an InstallFest in their office at
Where: 140 Broadway, 46th floor, Wall Street area
Time: 2:00pm

You are invited to bring a computer (at your own risk), watch or help. At least one member will try to install GNU/Linux on a pen/tablet device. BSD Unix may also be installed.

There will also be a key signing of Public Keys PGP/GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard).

Free and open to